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KAS students raise their hats to Literacy

KAS students raise their hats to Literacy


Boasting performances worthy of raised hats, the Kingstown Anglican School Literacy Department held a Reading Extravaganza on Tuesday, as part of their weeklong celebrations.##M:[more]

“Reading is the key to success!” was the mantra that Literacy Coordinator Jacqueline London emphasized throughout her address to the pupils.

Remarks were also given by Headteacher Rita Jack and Curriculum Support Officer Carol Ross, all of whom placed great emphasis on the importance of Literacy in every aspect of the students’ lives. They also encouraged the pupils to see the fun side in reading and to expand their reading beyond the classroom.

There was a wave of excitement amongst the students as they filed into the hall to commence the event. Performing poems, skits and songs, based on the slogan “Hats off to reading”, their infectious enthusiasm spread throughout the audience like wildfire. Not even a slight delay, due to technical difficulty, could dampen their spirits.

Jack, speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, remarked on how eagerly the children had taken to the activities. She also highlighted the importance of parent involvement in the school’s attempts to improve students’ literacy skills. She suggested that parents should buy more books as gifts (for their children) and they should also read more themselves, so as to lead by example. (JSV)