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George tells Government ‘don’t meddle!’

George tells Government ‘don’t meddle!’


Government has been warned not to meddle, as the business sector of St Vincent and the Grenadines and Cuba seek to foster a relationship.{{more}}

The warning came from President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Jerry George, as he addressed the opening ceremony of the two day seminar on the promotion of Trade, Investment, and Cooperation between St Vincent and the Grenadines and Cuba, last Monday February 18th.

George said that in agreeing to host the gathering, he told Cuban Ambassador Olga Chamero Trias that the venture had to be a ‘business to business’ undertaking.

“We don’t want anybody in the middle of this mix,” George said.

“Let business people be business people,” he added.

The warning was acknowledged by National Investment Promotions Incorporation (NIPI) Chairman Edmond Jackson, who on three occasions during his six-minute address alluded to NIPI’s, and by extension Government’s, role as a ‘facilitator and not a meddler”, in what he termed the heralding of a new, higher level of relationship between this country and Cuba.

“We can play a role, of course, if asked,’ he said.

Jackson said that since 2004, NIPI has been reasonably successful in facilitating investments to St Vincent and the Grenadines.

He echoed George’s sentiment, however, that it is crucial that government allow business people to fulfill their role; leaving the government to create the right framework that will allow this advancement in business investments.

“It is the business of business people to do business…and the business of government to do government,” Jackson said.

“Whatever you need, call on us,” he said. (KJ)