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‘Express Yoself’ at the Grenadine House Friday

‘Express Yoself’ at the Grenadine House Friday



The Grenadine House comes alive with poetry, art and jazz on Friday, February 29, thanks to Waves Theatre Guild’s ‘Express Yoself’.{{more}}

The event is centred on expressing oneself through poetry and art. Patrons will be treated to an array of local poets, which include featured acts such as Ron Browne, David ‘Darkie’ Williams’, Lafayette Jackson and Jimmy Prince. According to Jason ‘Lyric’ Browne, the Public Relations Officer of Blue Bucket Entertainment, the producer of the event, “Some of the main highlights will be ‘haiku’, a form of Japanese poetry, open mic segments which will see patrons sharing the stage and presenting their own works and the presence of sketch artists”.

Waves Theatre Guild is riding on the success of its 2007 production ‘Wedding Bliss’, which was featured in the

NCB Theatre Arts Festival; they are now making preparations for a community tour. Blue Bucket Entertainment is a coalition of enterprising minds who together aim to form a thriving Talents Management and Development, Events Production and Entertainment Promotions entity; their vision is to aid in the development of the local entertainment industry. Jason ‘Lyric’ Browne further emphasized this vision when he stated that they “hope to bring different forms of entertainment to SVG, which will contribute towards the development of local cultural arts”.