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Cubans ready to do business with SVG


Cuba’s Ambassador to St. Vincent and the Grenadines says that her country’s socialist political system is not a deterrent to the exploration of business opportunities there.{{more}}

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the two-day seminar on the promotion of Trade, Investment and Cooperation between St Vincent and the Grenadines and Cuba, Ambassador Olga Chamero Trias suggested that many would-be investors have missed the boat because of this misconception.

“Because we are a socialist country, most people think that we are not very efficient at doing business, but this is not so,” Ambassador Trias said at the seminar which was hosted by the Chamber of Commerce of St Vincent and the Grenadines, in collaboration with the Embassy of Cuba, the Cuban Chambers of Commerce and the National Investment Promotions Incorporated, and held at the Chamber of Commerce’s conference room.

She also noted that another misunderstanding is that all aspects of the bi-lateral relationships developed between Cuba and another country is state to state. The private enterprise has an important role to play in these relationships, she insisted.

During his passionate address, president of the local Chamber Of Commerce Jerry George noted that the collapse of the Berlin Wall in November 1989 reconstructed the world of business and economics.

“Since that day, I can assure you that more has been achieved across the world by collaboration…since that day the concept of exclusivity…has been changed and radically removed,” George said.

“The world is better off if we work together,” said George, noting that the single greatest advantage the people in the world must have is the ability to adapt, and to adopt, to and from each other.

He listed technology, culture, and governmental partnerships as key tools of collaboration that must be capitalized on.

George also touted the evolution of women’s involvement in the productive sector as a key reason for the rapid rate of development taking place worldwide.

He noted that St Vincent and the Grenadines, struggling to readjust to the effect of the struggling banana industry, needs to capitalize on opportunities to present the best that we have to offer to the world.

Chairman of the National Investment Promotions Incorporated Edmond Jackson also addressed the seminar.

The Cuban delegation to the seminar included representatives from the Cuban Chambers of Commerce and Ministry of Trade, along with experts in Information Technology and alternative energy.

At the end of the seminar, both Chambers of Commerce signed a partnership agreement. (KJ)