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CPO: Do away with stigmatization

CPO: Do away with stigmatization


A top official at Her Majesty’s Prisons has called for the end to stigmatization against persons who have been behind the walls, after they leave the institution.{{more}}

Chief Prison Officer Brenton Charles, speaking at the official launch of a computer literacy programme for inmates, said that programs of that nature are useless if the inmates are still treated like criminals when they are released.

He said that most of the inmates are victims of circumstance, who should be assisted in their readjustment into society.

“I think very often that they are a group of unfortunate people in the wrong place at the wrong time. And I believe all is not lost to them, and if we continue to make efforts to do things to show them that there is purpose in life, we could have meaningful people who can contribute significantly to our country.”

The officer said that he was happy to see a number of companies and institutions taking an interest in the development of inmates.

He said that in the past, prison officials have tried to start programs such as the one he was speaking at, but these fell along the way.

He called on business places and individuals to extend a hand to inmates when they return to society and not treat them as outcasts.

“After all, once upon a time they were cute little baby boys and girls. They are still mothers’ sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives. I think it is high time that we extend our hands and say that we believe that you have served your time, paid for your crime and you are ready for society once more.”(JJ)