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SVG Teachers’ Union gearing for Elections


Having taken the membership through a storm during the recent reclassification exercise, Acting President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers’ Union Joy Matthews has another battle ahead.{{more}}

This time it’s against fellow teachers, as the national executive committee elections take place in less than two weeks.

The presidency, which was taken up by Matthews after the position was made vacant with the resignation of Otto Sam, and eight other positions are up for grabs in the February 26th and 27th Elections.

Matthews will vie for the top spot against Public Relations Officer Oswald Robinson, and Ray Laborde.

Robinson leaves his former position to be filled by either Insa Prince or Vibert Lampkin.

Acting 1st Vice President Sheldon Govia will attempt to cement himself in that position, going up against Olive Allen and Vincent Benjamin, while Elvis Charles and Hanif King are contesting the Second Vice President Position.

General Secretary Carmillie Nicholls will attempt to keep her post when she comes up against Maxford Jones and Philbert John, with Margaret Lewis Jackson and Wendy Laidlow Bynoe vying for the position of Assistant General Secretary, and the post of Treasurer is being contested by James Wilson, Calvin Herbert and Anthony Compton.

Two committee members will be selected from Dallis White, Lydia Ollivierre, Roderick Mckree, Jan Providence, Rawle Caine and Anthony Stewart.

According to chairman of elections Curtis King, 24 contestants is a record number of persons vying for posts on the Executive, since the elections are being held on a national scale instead of through a general meeting.

King said that ballots will be sent out to the various schools and institutions for the two day process, and that only members in good financial standing will be allowed to vote.