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NDP, Green Party calls on Gonsalves to resign

NDP, Green Party calls on Gonsalves to resign


Again Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has been called upon to resign by Opposition leader Arnhim Eustace amidst rape allegations that have been levied against him.{{more}}

In two letters dated Wednesday, February 13, 2008, Eustace wrote Dr Gonsalves and His Excellency Sir Frederick Ballantyne expressing this view.

“These are indeed dark days for our people,” Eustace wrote to Dr Gonsalves.

Eustace said that he adheres to the principle that an accused person is innocent until proven guilty and called for the law to take its course.

He however said that Dr Gonsalves should step down from his offices “until such time as you are found to be innocent in Court.”

He suggested that such a move by the Prime Minister will maintain the confidence of our people in the Criminal Justice System “and begin the process of rebuilding our country’s image.”

In his letter to the Governor General Eustace said that he firmly believes that the allegations against Dr Gonsalves should be dealt with in the court expeditiously, and again called on the Prime Minister to step down.

Meanwhile, leader of the Green Party Ivan O’ Neal has written to the Secretary General of CARICOM, requesting that CARICOM intervenes in the situation.

O’ Neal calls on CARICOM to “convene a special session of CARICOM and to advise Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves to resign his three portfolios (Prime Minister, Minister of National Security, and Minister of Legal Affairs) until these serious alleged offences have been fully resolved by the courts.”

O’Neal said that if Dr Gonsalves is allowed to continue in office while “these alleged charges are pending…this is impairing the image of SVG nationally, regionally and internationally.”

Dr Gonsalves has continually dismissed calls for his resignation, and has labeled the accusations of rape made by a female police woman as politically motivated.

Director of Pubic Prosecution (DPP) Colin Williams along with Commissioner of Police Keith Miller have said that the evidence examined in the matter has not pointed to any wrong doing by the Prime Minister.