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ECCB makes donation to schools

ECCB makes donation to schools


On Friday 8th February 2008 at a brief ceremony, the ECCB made two presentations to a primary school and a secondary school.{{more}}

Under the Primary Schools Mentorship Programme, a computer was handed over to the CW Prescod Primary School. The mentorship programme was launched by Sir K Dwight Venner on 9 October 2007 via videoconference.

The objectives of this programme are to increase children’s understanding of money and its uses with a view to promoting the wise use of money and improving decision-making processes. The programme would also seek to raise awareness of the ECCB and its importance to children’s daily lives and promote closer involvement between the ECCB and the community. The fourth grade class in a primary school in each member country of the ECCB was selected for this programme; in St. Vincent and the Grenadines the CW Prescod Primary School was selected.

The St. Joseph’s Convent, Marriaqua was presented with a cheque for $1200 for their winning entry in the Financial Literacy Month Paper Sculpture Contest. The contest was held during October 2007 and was open to secondary schools in the ECCB area. The objectives of the contest is to increase financial literacy among the region’s youth and was designed to provide lasting images of Savings and investing by allowing young people to explore these concepts through art. The winning sculpture entitled “Home for Girls” was deemed by competition judge Lennox ‘Dinks’ Johnson to have most adequately embodied the theme for financial literacy month “Save for your Future”. It incorporated the use of everyday recyclable materials e.g. newspapers, cardboard boxes, plastic bags, bottles and other disposables.