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Deceased’s mother: I have to tek care of my grandson!

Deceased’s mother: I have to tek care of my grandson!


“Way me go do? He done gone.”

June Abraham uttered these words as she walked past the body of her son Kimron ‘Skinnan’ McDowall, where he lay dead on the hot Hollywood road.{{more}}

The mother was responding to words of comfort by residents of Redemption Sharpes who gathered at the scene of the daylight murder of the 25-year-old man.

A very composed Abraham explained later at her home that she had to be strong for her other sons and grandson.

“I can’t go kill myself. Me pressure high. Me sugar high. I have to tek it easy. I have to tek care of my grandson.”

The mother of six boys, the first who died at the age of six from sickle cell anaemia, claimed that she heard one shot ring out that morning, and immediately, she thought of Kimron.

She remembered that three weeks ago, Kimron came home telling her that he was shot at.

“He said he saw the vehicle and remembered the (license plate) number. I told him to report it to the police, but he never went.

Abraham saw her son earlier that morning as he left his home a few feet from hers in the yard they both share.

She did not expect to see him lying dead a few hours later.

She said that she was very close to her son, who, although he had his troubles, she never had a problem with him.

“He was good to me and his brothers. Him and his brothers were close.”

McDowall leaves behind a two-year-old son who lives with his grandmother.