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Opposition Leader predicts layoffs in the public sector this year

Opposition Leader predicts layoffs in the public sector this year


When it comes to finance and budgetary matters, Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace is of the opinion that he knows more than Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves would ever learn in that area. Eustace made the assertion while addressing a political meeting at Lauders, last Saturday evening.{{more}}

In what the NDP claims is the first in a series of public meetings, Eustace spoke at length on the recent reclassification exercise stating that although he is not one to thump his chest, he had already said that there would be problems considering the way the exercise had been carried out.

Eustace predicted that there would be layoffs this year from the public sector and that the Prime Minister will have to call a supplementary budget to cater for expenses that were overlooked, and those that will arise from the problems associated with reclassification.

The modest gathering of approximately 700 people also heard addresses from other NDP officials including Major St Clair Leacock and Vynette Frederick who displayed and read excerpts from copies of the contracts that several persons including Press Secretary Hans King, National Security Advisor Sir Vincent Beache and Burns Bonadie, among others, have with the Government, citing that the monies paid to these persons could be put to better use.

Roland ‘Patel” Matthews was in rare form when he delivered a fiery address claiming that general elections could be anytime soon. “This is like round dodge,” he said, “Captain out, all out!”

The meeting was chaired by talk show host EG Lynch who informed the gathering that the next meeting in the series will be held at Hollywood, Sharpes in the Central Kingstown Constituency on 23rd February. (AC)