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NCCP clamping down on illegal activities

NCCP clamping down on illegal activities


A Rapid Response Unit (RRU) has been placed in Union island, as part of the Commissioner of Police’s strategy to close the gaps that exist in the Grenadines that allow for the importation of illegal firearms and narcotics into this country.{{more}}

Speaking at last Tuesday’s National Commission on Crime Prevention’s (NCCP) all day retreat held at P’Tani resort, in Argyle, COP Keith Miller said that the increased police activity in the Southern Grenadines has been causing “unwanted visitors” to move further north with their illegal activities.

Miller also noted that he presented a paper at a recently held meeting of Commissioners in which he called for a regional maritime strategy, with special focus on St Vincent and the Grenadines.

This strategy he says “will put us in a better position to (deal with) the importation of narcotics.”

Miller noted that like the NCCP’s Director Jenita Lewis, the police were concerned that of the record 36 murders recorded last year, 21 of them were at the hands of illegal firearms.

Lewis for her part, called on corporate St Vincent and the Grenadines to come on board in the fight against lawlessness, and said that there is a need for the return of a reverence for life.

Chairman of the five-year-old NCCP, former Minister of National Security, now advisor to the Prime Minister Sir Vincent Beache also addressed the retreat.(KJ)