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Fisheries project on stream says minister

Fisheries project on stream says minister


If all goes according to plan, the Owia Fisheries Project should be finished by its November 2008 schedule; this is according to the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Montgomery Daniel.{{more}}

The project, which got started in September 2007, is due to commence its second phase in May this year, following the completion of phase one in April.

Daniel, just back from his January 19th to 26th visit to Japan where he signed the US $8 million contract for phase two to proceed, indicated that the project is moving along smoothly, and that when all works are completed Vincentians will have a new facility that they can be proud of.

He also indicated that the soon to be completed work at Owia is a preparatory stage for phase two.

Chief Fisheries Officer Raymond Ryan, who along with engineer Jeffery Cato, journeyed to the Asian country ahead of the minister, gave a run down of the construction set to take place during phase two.

Ryan stated that among other things, the construction of a rubber mound sea wall, road paving, a fisheries centre building, lockers for fishermen, a fish and tackle shop, a service station and land infrastructure are parts of the second phase which is expected to be completed during the seven-month period. (JJ)