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3 vehicle pile-up at Fountain

3 vehicle pile-up at Fountain


In the blink of an eye, the outlook of over two dozen persons changed.

Fortunately for them, they all have the opportunity to continue living life as normally as possible, having survived a three-vehicle pile up that could have ended with casualties.{{more}}

About 5 p.m., last Tuesday, February 5th, at Kennedy Gap in Fairbairn Pasture, a green Toyota passenger van plate number HN858 (KLYPZ), slammed into the rear end of another Toyota passenger van, HE216 (FRANCHISE), both traveling to Kingstown.

The impact of the first van sent the second vehicle crashing into a retaining wall before slamming to a stop in the front of a red Nissan Primera (PA911) on its way out of the city.

The green van continued going and stopped only after it crashed through the retaining wall and landed face first into the house behind it.

While the driver of the red passenger remained on the scene, the driver of the green van took off before police arrived.

“It happened so fast,” said Donavon Roberts, who had stopped Franchise and was about to enter when the incident occurred.

“I see the green van slowing down behind, then next thing I know it hit the red van and knock me back out ah the way.”

Roberts said that there was nothing to indicate that something of that nature was about to take place and he is thankful that he escaped the ordeal with no serious injuries.

Icelma Noel Samuel had just got off her phone, speaking to someone who was scheduled to build a gate for the retaining wall of her mother Gertrude’s front yard.

But plans would now have to change, as they would have to rebuild the wall at that location.

“As soon as I got off the phone and moved toward my mom, I heard a crashing sound and saw the red van scratching against the wall, then I heard a rumbling sound and saw the green van crashing through the wall.”

The van rested just outside Icelma’s bedroom window.

Samuel said that her mother collapsed after seeing the destruction.

Samuel also said that the passengers of the green van were all roughed up by the van’s unscheduled change of course.

According to Samuel, this is not the first time a vehicle had made an uninvited appearance into her mom’s yard.

Two months ago, a vehicle crashed through the original wall causing extensive damage.

Police are investigating what could have possibly caused the crash. (JJ)