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Thomas doubts police serious about Ipa case

Thomas doubts police  serious about Ipa case


When all else fails, turn to the people.

That must be the case for lawyer Jomo Thomas, in his quest to bring the police officer who allegedly slapped his client, former calypso monarch Grantley ‘Ipa’ Constance, to justice.{{more}}

Thomas has circulated a photograph of a group of police officers posing in the field, and claims that the alleged perpetrator is in the photo.

He claims that other officers who were present when the incident allegedly took place on October 24th 2007 are also in the photograph.

When Searchlight contacted Thomas, he indicated that the alleged ‘slapper’ was identified by Constance when he saw the photograph.

“He was pointed out by Ipa, who is absolutely convinced that he is the one who assaulted him.”

Thomas indicated that he is circulating the photograph, because of the reluctance by the police to identify the men who were on patrol in the Paul’s Avenue area that night.

“The police are clearly not cooperating with our effort. I don’t think they are taking it serious. This thing happened since October, the police are pussyfooting on the matter.”

Thomas stated that the increase in allegations of police misconduct and brutality has to stop, and cited that the fining of a police officer for the 2005 assault of a young lady was not enough.

“Once we get his name, we intend to do two things: have him prosecuted and have him fired! That’s the only deterrent for misconduct, abuse and intimidation for police officers.”

Since the incident took place last year, there has been a series of communication back and forth between Thomas and Commissioner of Police Keith Miller as to the identification of the alleged “slapper”.

Thomas said that he hoped that after the officer is identified, that justice would be served.