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Teenage pregnancy on the rise in SVG

Teenage pregnancy on the rise in SVG


Four girls aged 13 years and younger became pregnant in 2007, making the total number of pregnant teens for that year 401.{{more}}

This statistic was revealed at the 12th edition of the perinatal mortality/ morbidity conference, which took place at the Methodist Church Hall last Friday, January 25th.

The doctors, nurses and other medical stakeholders who gathered at the annual event were informed that of the 401 pregnancies, 69 were between the age 14-16 and 318 were between 17 and 19.

That year’s total teenage pregnancies numbered 31 more than the 370 recorded in 2006.

The 401 teens were just 16.8% of the total number of pregnancies for last year; a total of 2376 recorded.

In terms of actual deliveries last year, there were 1847, with 1744 delivered at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, 100 at district clinics and three at private institutions.

The country recorded 20 still births last year, and two maternal deaths, which were unrelated to the pregnancies.

According to the statistics, the top concerns for those gathered at the conference included postdate pregnancies, hypertension in pregnancy, preterm labour, anemia, cervical incompetence and fetal macrosomia. (JJ)