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Nevis to get geothermal power plant


By July this year, the island of Nevis should be receiving 5-6 MW of electrical power from a portable geothermal power plant.{{more}}

On Tuesday, West Indies Power began its geothermal development drilling programme on Nevis at the Nevis 1 Spring Hill site. The programme includes the drilling of five (5) geothermal production wells that are estimated to produce 50 MW’s of geothermal energy.

The first production well is expected to be completed by July this year, and the island should have its baseload electrical power supplied by geothermal power by the end of 2008.

By the end of 2009, a 50 MW geothermal power plant will be operational at the Nevis 1 Spring Hill site . This geothermal power plant will provide all of Nevis’ electricity and there will be available 35 MW’s to sell to neighbouring Caribbean islands via submarine electrical transmission cables.

Geothermal energy will drastically reduce the cost of electricity on Nevis and free the island from the expenses of importing large amounts of diesel fuel to generate its electricity. Since geothermal energy is a renewable nonpolluting source of energy, the people of Nevis will have low cost electricity in their future.