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Mentally challenged soon ready for work


During 2008, young mentally challenged males will be trained in an effort to make them self-employed.{{more}}

This is just one of the projects planned by the Association of Parents Advocate of People with Disabilities for 2008 announced at a one-day workshop held last week Thursday, January 24th.

The workshop, which was funded by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Social Investment Fund, was held under the theme “Behaviour Modification,” and was facilitated by Special Educator Beverly Neptune.

The aim of the workshop was to prepare participants with coping skills, enabling them to be better able to face the challenges of the different types of behaviours, whether at schools, workplaces or in the community at large.

The workshop was attended by teachers, police, parents, caregivers, nurses and persons from the various Ministries. The Association will host many more training workshops and will continue to join with other organizations to ensure persons with disabilities gain their rightful place in society.