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Carnival symposium at Peace Mo

Carnival symposium at Peace Mo


The Peace Memorial Hall was the venue last Saturday for a Carnival symposium put on by the Carnival Development Corporation.

Over 80 stakeholders, including members of Mas bands, Steel band leaders, the media, record producers and Soca Artistes, among others, attended the symposium.{{more}}

The symposium touched on several important issues regarding Soca and Pan, the production and presentation of Mas, Calypso, the marketing of Carnival, as well as the structure and quality of the shows and street activities.

Addressing the gathering, Minister of Culture René Baptiste applauded the CDC for hosting the event.

Baptiste reiterated the Government’s policy, as well as its continued commitment to the development of the national festival. The Culture Minister further added that the Government will look favourably on adopting any reasonable recommendation with due consideration to the timing of their implementation.

Chairman of the CDC Dennis Ambrose said that whereas the symposium is an initiative of the CDC, the discussions and recommendations were to come from the non-administrative stakeholders of Vincy Mas.

Some of the suggestions which emerged from the in depth discussion will be discussed at the level of the CDC after the wrap-up session at the same venue on February 9.(KW)