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Buccament Bay Beach free to public

Buccament Bay Beach free to public


Persons who have been using the portion of beach, situated on the outskirts of the construction site of the Buccament Bay Beach resort for years, are assured that they will be able to continue to do so, even on the completion of the EC$ 400 million project.{{more}}

This was made clear by the two billboards that have been posted in the area by the company in charge of the project: Ridgeview Construction.

In an eight-point release issued last week, Project Manager Ken Picknell stated that there has never been any indication by the company that this beach was to be made accessible only by patrons of the 291 cabanas / five apartment bloc resort.

The release, which was issued in an effort to alleviate fears among residents of the Buccament Bay area, and the nation on a whole, pointed out that keeping the beach public was a condition of the planning approval and that no attempt to change this was made.

However, persons wishing to use the beach will use a different access road than persons going to the resort when the project is completed.

The release also indicated that no attempt has been made by the company to obstruct the fishing of tri-tri in the river situated just yards from the resort.

The project, which currently employs close to 400 workers, and is said to pump $3 million a month into the national economy, is expected to have three restaurants, four bars, a spa and tennis academy, among other things.

The project will be ‘topped off’ with the importation of white sand that will be placed on top of the indigenous black sand, to create a more pleasant attraction to persons using the facilities.

In the release, the company apologized for the searching of members of the public, but indicated that this was done to employees in an effort to curb the presence and use of alcohol, drugs and weapons on the site.

The resort is expected to be completed later this year. (JJ)