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41 students graduate from Teachers’ College

41 students graduate from Teachers’ College


A total of 41 students of the Division of Teacher Education of St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College graduated with their Associates degree in Education and Diplomas in Teaching last Thursday at the Kingstown Methodist Church Hall.{{more}}

The graduation, which was celebrated under the theme: “Enlightening Our Path- Brightening Our Future” saw 17 teachers earning their associate degree in education at the primary level and six at the secondary level. Eighteen students earned their Diploma in Teaching.

The spotlight of the evening shined brightly on Samantha Porter, who was adjudged the Valedictorian.

Addressing the gathering, Porter said that her two years at the College were well spent and that her outlook on life has changed in many ways.

The proudly married mother of two children said that her journey was marked by long hours, sleepless nights and hovering deadlines. “These past years will certainly be remembered as an experience that none of us ever envisaged,” she said.

Porter encouraged her fellow graduates not to become complacent and sit with their certificates in their hands. “We are living in a global environment that demands excellence at all levels,” stated Porter.

Featured speaker and past teacher Haydn Marshall told the teachers to recognize their potential and teach wholesome values.

Marshall said that the value of hard work and the value for human life are values a teacher must adopt in these times. “We must learn to teach our kids about the value of hard work and help them to develop as responsible young people,” said Marshall. He added that teachers must exhibit a high level of respect for life and the world of persons. “As you go forward in your teaching, do your best. We cannot make progress unless we work hard, and those who teach must model this,” he ended.

Also on hand at the graduation was Professor Alan Cobley of the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados. Cobley said that all teachers are on the front line of a struggle against poverty, powerlessness, ignorance and inequality.

Professor Cobley further added that the job teachers do is not sufficiently recognized or awarded by the wider society. “Teaching is more than a job. It is a vocation,” Cobley stated. He urged the teachers to acquire more knowledge and equip themselves for the changing world.

Remarks also came from Minister of Education Girlyn Miguel, Dr Veronica Marks, Director of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College and Dr Alson Jack, Dean of the Division. (KW)