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Maddzart sends an early warning

Maddzart sends an early warning


An impromptu performance at the launch of the Youth Uplifted Through Education (YUTE) magazine was the venue for what could be considered the most anticipated comeback in the local entertainment industry.{{more}}

While performing his ten-minute set in front of close to one thousand persons, mainly school students, former soca monarch Maddzart gave early notice that he would be returning to the competition arena.

Maddzart, the 2003 soca monarch winner, placed in the top three positions whenever he competed for the title.

He has stayed away from the competition scene since 2006 while building his solo career and leading his own band: The Madd Symphony.

The versatile entertainer, born Rayeon Primus, indicated to Searchlight Newspaper that he intends to recapture one of the most enviable crowns in the carnival season, which has been sitting on the head of Delroy “Fireman” Hooper for the last four years.

So far this year, the artiste has already released two songs, “New Prince in Town” and ‘Up in here”, featuring Land Lord, and has promised that upcoming efforts will be equally enjoyable.

With arguably one of the best albums of the 2007 Carnival season, because of songs like “Gotta Be Crazy” and “Love Tonight”, the one time member of the band HS Phaktor promises an equally exciting effort for 2008, both from himself and his band which has been around for two years.

Not only does Maddzart intend to take the Soca Monarch title, but he intends to take the road march crown as well, with a song that he is keeping under wraps until the “right time”.(JJ)