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Consumer price index



November 2007

During the month of November, 2007, the Consumer Price Index registered a 0.4 percent increase. The ‘All Items” index stood at 123.7 compared with 123.2 for the previous month. The “point-to-point” inflation rate was recorded at 8.8 percent.{{more}}

Six (6) groups recorded price increases during the month, namely; “Food” (0.6 percent), “Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco” (0.2 percent), “Housing” (0.01 percent), “Fuel and Light” (0.9 percent) and “Personal Services” (0.2 percent). The group “Clothing and Footwear” recorded a 0.1 percent decrease, while, “Medical Care and Expenses”, “Transport and Communication”, “Education” and Miscellaneous” remained unchanged.

The “Food” index registered a 0.6 percent increase reflecting higher prices for several food items, namely’ black pepper (55.1 percent), chive (50.0 percent), sweet peppers (23.6 percent), english potatoes (13.3 percent), pig feet (11.2 percent), evaporated milk (10.6 percent), cucumbers (8.7 percent), carrots (8.3 percent), chicken wings (8.0 percent), tomatoes (7.0 percent) and cheese (6.7 percent).

The 0.2 percent increase in the “Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco” group is attributed to increased prices for red rum (1.2 percent) and black whisky (0.8 percent), while, the growth in the “Housing” index is attributed to higher price for galvanize sheets (9.4 percent).

The groups “Personal Services” and “Household Furniture and Supplies” recorded growth of 0.2 percent and 0.1 percent respectively due to higher prices for deodorant (1.0 percent) and light bulb (13. 8 percent).

Similarly, the “Fuel and Light” index grew by 0.9 percent as the cost of electricity increased by 2.2 percent due to a higher fuel surcharge for the month of November, 2007.

The group “Clothing and Footwear” declined by 0.1 percent due to lower prices for men’s socks (8.8 percent)