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Rotary International District Governor visits

Rotary International District Governor visits


The District Governor of Rotary International, District 7030 says that despite some challenges in recruiting volunteers, money is not a problem with the Rotary.{{more}}

“Money has never been a problem,” said Surinamese Cees Dilweg.

Dilweg said that the leadership within Rotary clubs worldwide has always displayed the skill to get people on board, and the financial support for the club’s various initiatives.

Dilweg paid a courtesy visit to this country last Monday; a visit that was expected to include interactions with the various arms of the local Rotary, and several training sessions.

At a brief press briefing at the VIP lounge of the ET Joshua airport, Dilweg said that he was delighted to be in St Vincent and the Grenadines; his first visit to this country.

Dilweg expressed concerns about the number of underprivileged children worldwide, and said that while the key to the breaking of this cycle starts in the homes, Rotary remains committed to doing its part.

Dilweg said that Rotary’s persistence and commitment, as the oldest service club in the world, is clearly seen.

“In 1985, we vowed to get rid of polio, and now we are almost there,” Dilweg said, noting that that same commitment will be seen in other aspects of the club’s work.

While in this country, Dilweg paid courtesy calls on the Governor-General and the Prime Minister.

Rotarian Reginald Thomas, who is also the district’s Assistant Governor, said that Dilweg’s visit will go some way in continuing to lift the club’s visibility. (KJ)