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Loisha Norton is NIS’ Employee of the Year

Loisha Norton is NIS’ Employee of the Year


Loisha Norton led a list of 35 awardees that were honoured at the National Insurance Services (NIS) annual awards dinner last Saturday, January 12th. The dinner was held at the Sugar Mill Inn, Ratho Mill.{{more}}

In addition to the coveted Employee of the Year prize, the Barrouallie resident, who has been with the NIS for four years, also copped the sectional award for the Benefits section and was named the Outstanding Junior Officer.

“I am ecstatic, I didn’t expect it, because here every one strives to be the best,” Norton told SEARCHLIGHT.

When he addressed the gathering, Minister of Health Dr Douglas Slater said the staff at the NIS had every reason to be proud, considering the efficient way the NIS has been operating.

He said that this is why the NIS has been chosen to manage the National Health Insurance Services, when it gets going.

He also noted that as a society, we understand the importance of social services. This, he said, was evident because there was no voiced objection, when it was announced in the 2008 budget that there will be an increase of two percent in the contribution to the NIS.

Employers will now contribute 4.5, up one percent from what existed, while the employees’ contribution also goes up by one percent to 3.5 percent.

Chairman of the NIS, Lennox Bowman, said that the NIS is the best run social security system in the region, while Executive Director Reginald Thomas said that the NIS service and standard is second to none. (KJ)