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Inner Wheel breaks soil for play ground

Inner Wheel breaks soil for play ground


A ground-breaking ceremony for the children’s playground, formerly situated at Richmond Hill, was held on International Inner Wheel Day.{{more}}

The Inner Wheel Club of St.Vincent, in conjunction with Parliamentary Representative for Central Kingstown Conrad Sayers, broke ground for the new site at Green Hill on Thursday, 10th January, 2008.

Six years ago, The Inner Wheel Club, on February 28th, 2002, held the opening ceremony for its playground, which up to 2004 served the neighbouring primary schools of Kingstown Preparatory School the C.W. Prescod Primary and the Richmond Hill Primary School. However, the site was then required for the erection of the A.P.I. building, and the Inner Wheel Club had to see their project, which had been a dream since 1998, go into a doldrum.

At that time, Conrad Sayers had the vision of a playground for his Green Hill constituents, and after four years, The Inner Wheel Club was happy to witness this ground-breaking ceremony of the site for the New Inner Wheel Playground. The Inner Wheel Club, in conjunction with the Green Hill community, hopes to have this project on the way with possible use by July 2008.

The Playground will see the return of the eight swings and climbing frame formerly at the Richmond Hill, the erection of a washroom facility, the erection of a slide and a cycling path along the periphery of the playground. Witnessing this ceremony were Inner Wheelers President Emily Providence, Janice Glasgow and Miriam Sheridan, together with Conrad Sayers, Ambassador of the Republic of China on Taiwan Jack Cheng and secretary Nichole, M.C. Bernard John, Bernard Morgan and representatives of the Green Hill Community.