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Garbage pile-up angers Paul’s Avenue residents

Garbage pile-up angers Paul’s Avenue residents


Residents in the Paul’s Avenue area are venting their anger and frustration at the horrendous garbage situation in that area and want a stop to it now.

In the vacant lot opposite the building that formerly housed the Kingstown Town Board, a nasty and unwelcoming site awaits any passerby.{{more}}

One such resident, Alison Samuel, voiced her dissatisfaction to SEARCHLIGHT about the mounting problem. Samuel said that over the past six months, persons have been dumping their unwanted appliances and garbage in the vacant lot, which once housed a welding shop.

“We have to walk here everyday and look at that disgusting site and we are totally fed up of this and something has to be done now,” Samuel stressed.

She said that the situation worsened during the Christmas season, and reports were made to the Public Health Department, Central Water and Sewerage Authority and the Kingstown Town Board, but nothing has been done.

Samuel mentioned that the owner of the lot had been told about the

situation and promised to clean it but, like the others, he, too, has done nothing about it.

“I want the owner to come and take care of his property and people to stop dumping their waste products in this residential area,” she said.

Up to press time on Wednesday, the garbage had not been removed. (KW)