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George to end stint as ULP Women’s Arm head


It might be a bit too early to call it a day, but Juliet George, President of the Unity Labour Party Women’s Arm, after having a successful run as leader for a period of almost ten years, is getting ready to pass the baton on to a new member.{{more}}

“I feel there comes a time for succession,” said George, explaining that she has enjoyed leading the women of the ULP.

She told SEARCHLIGHT the ULP is cognizant of the fact that there has to be sustained leadership, and as a result, during the next year, the ULP Women’s Arm will be channeling its efforts in training other persons for the job.

“I have thrown out the challenge, especially to the new members, to bring out elements in their leadership to help the organization carry on,” said George.

After serving as Treasurer of the ULP Women’s Arm in 1996, George was elected as interim-President in the earlier part of 1998, before being officially elected to the post later that year, a position she has held until now.

She disclosed that former political leader Sir Vincent Beache was instrumental in her being a member of the ULP Women’s Arm.

“We’ve achieved a lot over the years,” said George, adding, “we have worked very hard in Opposition to get into Government”.

With the Party being in power, George noted that this has posed a bigger challenge with motivation riding high.

“We are going through a refreshing period. So we are trying to get new faces at the top,” said George. Four new persons were elected to serve at the ULP Women’s Arm Convention which took place on December 2, 2007, at the Peace Memorial Hall, during a closed session. These persons are: Nicola Evans, Executive Secretary, Miriam Roache, Recording Secretary, Denise Harold, Sports and Cultural Officer, and Denise Black, Fund Raising Officer. Eloise Gonsalves, wife of Prime Minister Dr.Ralph Gonsalves was re-elected Vice President and Myrtle Jack, Treasurer.

George said, greater efforts will be placed on bringing to fruition a programme for the development of women.

“We have not been able to develop this programme fully…we will look at the programme again and see what elements we need to bring out come January,” said George.

George said, early in the New Year, the organization will be developing an overall plan, which will include cultural and political initiatives, as well as other plans of interest to women.

She noted the ULP Women’s Arm will also be paying attention to legislative issues which can impact women.

“Some areas affecting gender need to be shaken,” said George, who emphasized that these plans will be submitted to the hierarchy of the party to be taken to Parliament.

George’s involvement with the ULP Women’s Arm has seen her serving in the capacity of treasurer and interim president. She also had the opportunity to serve at a higher level in Parliament, as a Government Senator, as well as Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly. (HN)