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Bishop tells Anglican women God will reveal plan for them

Bishop tells Anglican women God will reveal plan for them


Anglican women have been told by their Bishop that they should be more concerned about being what God has called them to be, rather than all that they could do.{{more}}

“Be not anxious to do, but rather seek to be who God has called you to be,” said Bishop Leopold Friday, as he delivered the sermon at the launching of the Anglican Church Women’s Association (ACWA) last Sunday at the St George’s Cathedral.

The approximately 100 women who were enrolled were drawn from Anglican churches in Georgetown, Buccament, Stubbs, Calliaqua, Mesopotamia, Barrouallie and Kingstown.

Bishop Friday cautioned the ACWA members against becoming preoccupied with being seen or creating attractive records.

He noted that the mothers of the Lord Jesus and his forerunner the prophet John, Mary and Elizabeth, both waited on God to reveal his plans for their lives.

He said that in these modern times, where people are captivated with instant gratification, waiting can be very uncomfortable, but stressed the importance of “faithfully waiting “on God.

Prior to the Enrollment Service, a one-day Retreat was held for members on Saturday, January 5, 2008, at the Anglican Pastoral Centre, New Montrose. The theme for the Retreat was “Empowering one another to further God’s Kingdom”.

Meanwhile, president of the newly formed group, Janice Glasgow, told SEARCHLIGHT that she is looking forward to the group impacting on the lives of women.

The St Vincent and Grenadines launch will be followed by a launching of ACWA in Grenada and St Lucia this year.

The aim of the organization is to provide women with an opportunity to discover and live the meaning of their baptism in Christ. (KJ)