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Chief Magistrate: Don’t come crying to me


Considering herself a fearless woman of few words, new Chief Magistrate Sonya Young sent out a stern warning to criminals and even lawyers that she will be taking a no nonsense approach when she takes up her new job at the Serious Offences Court. {{more}}

The Chief Magistrate gave notice during her acceptance speech, following her swearing in on Monday, December 31st, 2007, at the Government House, in the presence of dignitaries, family members and the media.

Chief Magistrate Young stated that although she will be firm, she will be fair.

“I promise St. Vincent and the Grenadines that if you come and you are guilty you will get the full penalty. If I find you are not, (you are) free to go.”

“I won’t be the kind of magistrate that you can come into my court and cry and it would affect me, I would do the crying, not you.”

The new chief indicated that all her dealings will be done in the courtroom, and the legal fraternity and others should expect few or no favours from her.

“I won’t be the kind of magistrate that you can call on the phone and ask for a favour. I won’t be the kind of magistrate that anybody can persuade to do anything that is illegal or immoral.”

Following her swearing in, the new chief told SEARCHLIGHT that she expects that her job would be a tough one, but she is up for the challenge, boasting that she can sit all day if necessary.

Chief Magistrate Young said that she also expects to be independent, and is looking forward to the support of her staff, the government, legal fraternity and the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, if she is to perform her task to the best of her ability.

Young indicated that she was indeed looking forward to the appointment, and thanked those who were responsible for her appointment, and family members, especially her grandmother.