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Petroglyph replicas get backdrop

Petroglyph replicas get backdrop


The replicas of the Argyle Petroglyphs will soon be mounted in a more natural looking setting at the National Trust Headquarters.{{more}}

Well-known artist Jean Claude Adenim of Mustique has painted a large mural on which the three petroglyph panels will be hung. Depicting a rocky mountainside scene, the mural measures close to 30 feet and takes up the entire northwestern corner of the hall.

Adenim told SEARCHLIGHT that he had planned for a smaller painting, but when he saw the space available, he had to extend the mural which is painted on canvas and adhered to the wall.

The three panels contain six life-size replicas of the Argyle petroglyphs. The replicas were made by Cuban Archeologist and specialist in the reproduction and restoration of artifacts Eric Pelissier in June this year.

The replicas were built using a mould made from silicon rubber and fiberglass.