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Petition launched to end HIV/AIDS stigma

Petition launched to end HIV/AIDS stigma


A petition to put an end to stigma and discrimination of persons infected and affected by HIV/AIDS is being circulated around St. Vincent and the Grenadines, in an effort to generate financial assistance and anti- discrimination legislation.{{more}}

The petition is just one of the many recommendations which came out of the October 16, 2007, consultation among stakeholders, hosted by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Human rights Association and the HIV NGO Network.

Upon completion of the petition, the list of names and recommendations will be presented to Parliament, where the Network hopes discussions will be held and laws passed.

Some of these recommendations include the protection from discrimination based on HIV status; especially in the workplace, prohibiting HIV testing for employment or promotion, and the making of the HIV /AIDS issue a part of the yearly budget.

A letter has also been sent to this country’s Attorney General, requesting endorsement of law ethics and human rights research recommendations concerning HIV/AIDS.

The Network and SVGHRA met with stakeholders in a follow up session on Monday at the Methodist Church Hall for follow up discussions of the October assembly. Among items discussed at Monday’s meeting were the development of an HIV human rights manual and pamphlets, a play on stigma and discrimination, and an educational link up radio programme. (JJ)