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Not all political leaders are heroes – Jomo Thomas


Lawyer Jomo Thomas says that while Vincentians honour our political leaders, he is of the view that some of them should never be elevated to the status of hero.{{more}}

“In St.Vincent, we are large thinkers, and we rightfully honour Chatoyer, George McIntosh, Pappy Josh, Cato, Mitchell, Eustace, Gonsalves. Some of them are not heroes and should never be elevated to such pedestals, but we honour their contributions anyway,” said Thomas, while delivering remarks at the launch of Dr. Richard Byron-Cox’s book, “Were Mama’s Tears In Vain” launch last Tuesday evening.

Thomas used the opportunity to call for greater tribute to be paid to the nation’s unsung heroes. “In the modern era, the political history of this country is indelibly wrapped up with the names Joshua, Cato, Mitchell, Eustace, and Gonsalves. All of them played their part and will be judged by history. So it will be inappropriate and ill advised for me to pass judgment at least not here, not now,” said Thomas.

He said while Vincentians occupy a country with limited resources, they are impactful.

The lawyer, in his presentation gave a historical account of the Atlantic Slave Trade, and used the opportunity to highlight the role that Chief Joseph Chatoyer played in defending St.Vincent and the Grenadines. He also highlighted the contributions to the region that were made by Cuban President Fidel Castro, Oscar Allen, Earlene Horne and Renrick Rose.

Paying tribute to President Castro, who this week announced that he intended to give up power, Thomas stated, ‘Fidel is a phenomenal person…a citizen of the world, one of the most absolute internationalists.

“I say that Fidel Castro Ruiz has done more to lift Third World peoples out of the depth of poverty, ignorance and despair than any other human being can think about who is in my lifetime.

“The stats are really there to prove it. The Cuban Revolution, the process that Fidel inspired and led for so many years has educated more than 250, 000 professionals, technocrats from across the world. There is no other country across the world that in fifty years has done that free of cost,” said Thomas, who spoke of other contributions that have benefited Vincentians.

Regarding the book, Thomas, spoke of Vincentians strengthening their faith in the future.

“How can we do this? How can we strengthen our people’s faith? We can, I think, if we were to recognize that we are a country with limited wealth. However, we are richly resourceful with boundless potential. This toast to freedom is a testimony to this.”(HN)