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Nine Mornings website launched


Vincentians overseas can now share in the unique Vincentian tradition of Nine Mornings by way of the Internet.{{more}}

A Website called “ITSNINEMORNINGS.COM” now exists for Vincentians at home and abroad to share the Nine mornings experience. Groups across the island can now post their activities on this site, whether they are videos, photos or just audio.

Each group participating in the celebration is being encouraged to go to ‘ITSNINEMORNINGS.COM”, set up an account and put each morning’s activities on the site. A prize will be given for the group which puts up their activities first everyday.

Participation is not limited to groups. Any individual who captures a moment they would like to share can also post it to the site.

Beginning Tuesday morning, the group or individual which puts up the first photos, videos or audio will win themselves an attractive prize.

Persons are being encouraged to go to the site “ITSNINEMORNINGS.COM” and make their comments on the various activities. Say what you like or don’t like about a particular activity. If you are from a participating community, remember to also support your community online also.