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British Army wants women to enlist


Women who apply to the Army are usually more motivated than their male counterparts; perhaps driven by a desire to show that they belong, and are capable of making the tough army grade.{{more}}

This, according to top recruiting official, Major Allisair Fyfe, who told SEARCHLIGHT last week that the Army is hoping that many of the applicants from St Vincentian and the Grenadines would be women.

“There are a lot of opportunities for women in the army,” Major Fyfe said.

He said that women are given equal opportunities to serve in the Army, save two areas.

Women are not allowed to serve in the Infantry or in the Royal Armoured Car divisions.

He explained that the infantry soldiers are usually in the frontline of a battle, and the belief is if a female soldier goes down, that a male soldier’s first instinct would be to help her, instead of what is required at times: to leave the fallen soldier and continue with the mission.

This is just one of reasons Major Fyfe said why women are not allowed in the infantry.

He also noted that the conditions under which armoured car crews function have also been deemed by the army as unacceptable for women.

Major Fyfe said, however, that because of the many other areas where women can serve, the army is a very viable option for a young woman, who is strong, and very motivated to consider.

“If women come to us, they are usually very motivated, and very intelligent,” Major Fyfe said from his experience.

One young woman that is strongly considering signing up, and trying out come January 31st, is 20-year-old Ministry of Foreign Affairs employee, Kimisha Horne.

Horne, a national swim team member, said that she believes that she “fits the bill” of a soldier, and is seriously considering it as a career choice. (KJ)