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Striders awards gift vouchers to elderly

Striders awards gift vouchers to elderly



Every year the Striders Cultural and Social Organization awards gift vouchers to elderly persons, and for two women of Enhams, who have already received their gifts from the organization, Christmas is here already.{{more}}

On Wednesday, December 12, 2007, Eva Quammie, 81 years old, and Eileen Simon, 70 years old, were very happy when they received a gift of EC$100 each from the organization.

“Thank you very much. I thank you all,” said Simon, to Patricia Caruth, local co-coordinator of Striders, while receiving her present.

This year, Striders has decided to donate gifts to two extra persons bringing the total to 12 persons, who will receive donations for the Christmas season.

Striders also awards scholarships to students as well assists persons in other areas that need help.

Caruth was accompanied by Noreen Harry, the Community Health Aide, at the Enhams Clinic.

Striders was formed in 1967 to cater to the needs of the young people of the Brighton, Belvederre, Prospect, Diamond and Junction.

The main objective was to channel the energy and enthusiasm of the residents of these areas into positive directions for their own benefit. (HN)