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Dr. Gonsalves rededicates himself to his party

Dr. Gonsalves rededicates himself to his party


Political Leader of the Unity Labour Party (ULP), Dr.Ralph Gonsalves, has rededicated his life to his political party.

The ULP second anniversary was supposed to be an evening of fun and celebration at the North Union Playing Field on Friday, December 7, 2007, but it went one step further.{{more}}

“I love you! I love you, ULP! I love you! …St.Vincent and the Grenadines, I love you! I rededicate my life to you,” said Dr.Gonsalves to the ULP faithful, who turned out for the celebrations.

“Three more years, another term, and more,” Dr.Gonsalves stated.

Dr. Gonsalves called on supporters of the party to defend their leaders, remain focused and committed.

“We will make it. We just have to believe in one another, in your party and, most of all, Almighty God. Love your country. Defend it Don’t allow the bandits to deter you from supporting a party where you can see a sunshiny day,” the political leader stressed.

For Dr.Douglas Slater, when he went to the podium, he landed a round of political punches which were leveled at Senator Daniel Cummings of the opposition New Democratic Party

(NDP) for comments he made in the House of Assembly last week promising not to go to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital if he ever gets sick.

“Senator Cummings said that under no condition he wants to go to the Hospital. Well, let me tell you that Douggy Slater and all the Ministers and the Prime Minister, if anything God forbid happens to us, we going down by the hospital. If you, anyone of you get sick, I know is down there we have to go because it is the best and basically the only place we have to go,” said Dr.Slater.

“I can tell you, the nurses and the doctors, they just blank him and I really hope that and, we must pray nothing happen to him,” said Dr.Slater.

The parliamentary representative for South Leeward added that God is a forgiving God, “but the people not going to forgive them”.

Dr. Slater credited the doctors and nurses throughout St.Vincent and the Grenadines for their hardwork, resulting in a health care system that is among the best in the Eastern Caribbean islands.

Selmon Walters, parliamentary representative for North Central Windward, seemed rejuvenated on Friday after taking weeks of bashing for comments he made that did not go down well with the public. It appeared that he has moved on because he took to the stage with confidence, especially since he was on home territory.

Walters also used Friday night to fire some punches at the NDP.

“St.Vincent is better off today than we were under the New Democratic Party by a long way…We have to make sure that those bandits in the New Democratic Party do not come back to power…I am confident that they will never win government in this country so long as Ralph is alive and all of us in this government are alive. It will be Labour forever,” said Walters.

“I can tell them come next elections, they can fly low, they can fly high, we are hitting them another blow,” Walters added.

Meanwhile, Montgomery Daniel, Minister of Agriculture, disclosed that from January 2008 the Government will be purchasing on a weekly basis at least 2000 boxes of bananas to distribute them to all the schools in St.Vincent and the Grenadines. These plans will boost nutrition in the school and the wellness revolution, said Daniel.

The crowd was entertained by HS Phactor, Bomani, Luther and Roland Bowman at a party that followed the celebration.