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Cabinet members praise Budget, blast opposition

Cabinet members praise Budget, blast opposition


With nothing but high praise for the 2008 Budget presented by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, members of his Cabinet in their contribution to the debate blasted the Opposition members for their criticism of what they consider to be “simply the best”.{{more}}

First to speak after the sitting’s recess on Wednesday afternoon was Minister of Telecommunication Dr Jerrol Thompson, who described the budget as “strategic, focused and relevant to the times.”

Minister of Rural Transformation, Information and Ecclesiastical Affairs Selmon Walters also had praise for the presentation, and commended the Minister of Finance, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves whom he commended for putting together a balanced package.

Clayton Burgin, Minister of Transportation and Works, called the budget excellent, and said that there was something for everyone in the package.

While Cabinet members heaped praise on the presentation, they criticized the Opposition, especially leader Arnhim Eustace for lacking vision and not supporting the fiscal measures.

The Ministers accused Eustace of “conflicting double talk”, stating that his speech was filled with “convoluted gargle of information.”

Eustace was ridiculed by one Minister for his criticism of the government on its handling of the Ottley Hall situation, and was called by another “a weak and ineffective leader.”

Minister Walters indicated that the budget was one that he would give a “clap fo dat”; something that the Opposition Leader said that he would not do.

The Ministers suspended their Eustace bashing to highlight some of the areas where the budget would be instrumental to their Ministries, as well as their constituencies in the upcoming year.

From the International airport, the cross country road and the new and refurbished infrastructure, to the national tourism project, traffic congestion solutions and a proposed national day of prayer, the Ministers indicated that they were looking forward to the year ahead. (JJ)