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National Youth Rally Sunday, December 9


Recognizing the need for young people to get in touch with their spiritual side, religious leaders, young and old will gather on December 9th for the latest edition of the National Youth Rally.##M[more]##

Under the theme “Taking Back the Strength of the Nation – Youth the Strength of the Nation”, youth organizations will converge at Heritage Square from 3pm, after a march through the streets of Kingstown, which begins at the Peace Memorial Hall at 1pm.

Organizers of the rally believe the event would be very different than other rallies that have taken place throughout the years, since the main focus this time around is to fill the void that is in everyone.

“Youth today are looking and searching for something,” says organizer Stephanie Grant. “And what they don’t realize is that what they are looking for can only be found in the word of God.”

And according to the organizers, the word of God would be there in abundance.

Grant said that the rally is going to be of a spiritual nature, with the focus not so much on the individuals but on the future of the nation.

Those attending can expect to be uplifted by the singing, testimonies and sermons delivered by the youth groups from the various churches.

The keynote sermon will be delivered by Pastor Mark Nicholson from England.

The rally, five months in the making, will look at the serious challenges facing young people today, including crime, violence and sex, and the importance for young people to grasp God before it is too late.

Young people are being encouraged to make a day of the march and rally and turn out in their numbers, expecting to receive a blessing, and make a change in their lives. (JJ)