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Heavy duty crane to speed up port process

Heavy duty crane to speed up port process


The arrival of a multi million dollar crane at the Campden Park Container port is expected to boost productivity for the local Port Authority and simplify the movement of heavy equipment as they arrive for the construction of the Argyle International Airport.{{more}}

This view was expressed as officials from the Port Authority, the International Airport Development Company and other government officials witnessed the landing of the Gottwald Mobile Harbor Crane on Monday.

The crane, which cost EC$15 million, will speed up the unloading of ships at the port in Campden Park, which has been without a proper crane for some time.

Port Manager Paul Kirby regards the landing of the crane as a monumental occasion, noting that there are low productivity levels in Kingstown and Campden Park because of lack of suitable equipment.

On previous occasions, containers were unloaded using the ships’ cranes, at a cost to the Authority.

The mobile crane, under perfect conditions, can speed up the process of unloading a ship, cutting the time down to one third the time it currently takes a regular crane.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, who has the responsibility for air and sea ports, noted the necessity for this country to raise its game at the ports by making them more competitive with other ports.

He indicated that a number of pieces of equipment and personnel will be moved from the port in Kingstown to facilitate increased production, which is expected with the arrival of the crane.

Three technical engineers have been trained to operate the crane, and staff from the German based manufacturers will be on hand for two further weeks to continue the training process.

Two other engineers are also scheduled to travel to Trinidad and Tobago for an attachment at that country’s port.

The crane is expected to be fully commissioned in February next year. (JJ)