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Vinsave launches HIV childcare manual


St. Vincent and the Grenadines Save the Children Fund (Vinsave) on Tuesday, November 20, 2007, launched a manual for daycare providers and pre-school teachers at the Vinsave Auditorium.{{more}}

The manual entitled “Handbook for Working with Children Infected and Affected by HIV” was developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Environment, through the HIV/AIDS Secretariat, with financial support from the World Bank.

The launching ceremony heard from Janice Fraser, Director of Vinsave, who spoke about development of the manual, the resource persons and the reasons for the development of the project. Bernard Joseph, Chairman of the Board of Directors, reviewed the manual and presented it to pre-schools, libraries, the Ministry of Education, among others.

A vote of thanks was delivered by Walter Child, Board Member of Vinsave.

The audience also viewed a film entitled “Survival” from the National Aids Secretariat.

The manual will be presented to all pre-schools and daycare centres throughout the island as well as organizations and groups.