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Union Island aims to boost Tourism

Union Island aims to boost Tourism


Despite the increase in visitors to the Grenadine isle of Union Island, stakeholders in the tourism industry there believe that there is still a lot of work to be done if service is to be of the best quality.{{more}}

At a press conference to mark the end of Tourism Awareness Week, head of the Union Island Tourist Board (UITB) Augustine Douglas called on members of the public to realize the importance of tourism not only on that island but throughout the Grenadines.

According to Douglas, even though the best sailing waters surround the island, and the area is the site of the largest live aquarium in the Caribbean (Tobago Cays), they still need to get with the times.

“We need to step up because competition is growing.” Douglas said, referring to the fast development of nearby Canouan.

Douglas, as well as other members of the UITB, listed some areas where improvement is needed.

The most important of these is tourist harassment, which they insisted should be eliminated. Board members also see vandalism, poor and unfair service, as well as lack of support from some business places as shortcomings affecting the industry.

They called on all responsible to show more patriotism, and improve in customer services.

Douglas admitted that yacht visits to the island have increased, and that feedback from visitors has been good, but there is room for improvement.

Tourism Awareness Week was celebrated under the theme “Building a culture of service excellence for SVG’s tourism industry.”

The UITB marked the occasion with visits to the various schools, along with a cultural evening and exhibition. (JJ)