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Salvation Army kicks off Kettle Appeal

Salvation Army kicks off Kettle Appeal


This country’s two telecommunications companies have been called upon to spend more of their financial resources on charitable causes and things that will contribute to the development of Vincentians.{{more}}

Manager of St. Vincent Container Corporation Ltd Monty Maule made this appeal last Friday as he addressed the launching of the Salvation’s Army Kettle Appeal Fund under the Ministerial Building.

“There is too much jump and wave and boo-doom-doo-doom and freeness mentality being promoted in this country by so-call responsible corporate citizens. If you do this, I assure you that our young people in particular, and our country will be better off,” Maule stressed.

According to Maule, the Salvation Army deserves the fullest support from every person and corporation for their effort in trying to bring hope to underprivileged persons. The pain and disgrace of poverty is a burden that we must all bear whether or not we like it.

“Unfortunately, the majority of those individuals and institutions in our country who have the ability and the means to contribute reasonably to important causes such as this one and the ones that many of our organizations embark on periodically refuse to do so. They literally walk on the other side as if it is no business of theirs,” he commented.

“When we contribute to the Salvation Army we have the assurance that our contribution will reach those for whom it is intended,” he stated.

Vice President of the Advisory Board of the Salvation Army Nina Maloney is urging each citizen to contribute at least

$1 to the Kettle Appeal during the holidays. Several business places contributed to the fund during the launching. (SB)