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Fitzhughes man dies days after being hit with stone

Fitzhughes man dies days after being hit with stone


To outlive your child is a mother’s worst fear. This is the second time around for Rosina Pierre of Fitzhughes; her son Milford Pierre, 30, died in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) around 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday.{{more}}

Milford was allegedly struck in the head with a rock after getting into an altercation with another Fitzhughes young man at about midnight on Sunday.

Rosina told SEARCHLIGHT that sometime after 1:00 on Monday morning, she was at home when she heard someone calling her. When she went out, she was told that her son Milford had been knocked down, and was lying on the road.

“You know what really hurt me? Is that he spent over an hour in the rain and nobody went to his assistance,” the distraught mother said. Rosina also said that when she visited her son in the ICU on Tuesday, she knew that he would not have made it. “I have to satisfy and leave everything to God,” she said.

Milford also known as Moses, was Rosina Pierre’s second child; her first son Kerwin “Franco” Pierre died as a result of stab wounds in 1991; Milford was knocked down about 20 yards from where his brother was killed.

On Tuesday, Cynthia Chance, another resident of Fitzhughes, handed over her son Andre Jordon to police in connection with the incident. Up to press time no charges had been filed. An autopsy is to be carried out to determine the cause of death.