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Anderson passes on

Anderson passes on


He worked hard, helped others, founded a school, served his God, and now 100 years later, Cornelius Leopold Anderson has exited the stage.{{more}}

When SEARCHLIGHT interviewed him on May 18th at his Cane Garden home, on his 100th birthday, Anderson, originally from Bequia told of a life of industry and vigour, which brought him much satisfaction and fulfillment.

So when he died last Thursday, November 22nd, this country lost a truly inspirational man, whose life should be a lesson to today’s youths.

“People should not make excuses, just go and find work to do, if they look hard they will find,” he said in the that interview.

Anderson, who leaves behind his second wife Winnifred, founded the Bethel High School, now located at Campden Park, with his first wife Meta, and ran it for several years before the school was eventual sold to the Government.

That school, he told SEARCHLIGHT, was his greatest achievement.

Anderson will be buried this Sunday, at the Kingstown Seventh Day Adventist church. (KJ)