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SVG gets quality livestock boost from North Carolina

SVG gets quality livestock boost from North Carolina


This country’s agricultural sector has received an EC$231,000 boost to the quality of its livestock. On Tuesday, officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries welcomed 40 sheep and goats from North Carolina in the United States, while two weeks ago, 23 pigs were imported from Jamaica.{{more}}

The sheep and goats, bought at a cost of EC$145,000 will be used to improve the pedigree of the local stock with specific emphasis on meat quality.

Speaking at the E.T Joshua Airport on Tuesday, Minister of Agriculture Montgomery Daniel said that his ministry is willing to work with the farmers in an effort to help eliminate the foreign exchange expenditure on meat and meat products.

Daniel said that work should soon begin on meat processing plants which will be funded by the European Union to help make meat readily available to Vincentians.

“I hope that all of our farmers will come on board to be part of the movement for our livestock production, and we are willing to give to them that kind of resource to ensure that they improve the livestock on their farms,” Daniel stated.

Of the animals that arrived on Tuesday, the 10 Doper and 10 Katadian are breeds that are new to this country, while the Boer and the Anglo Nubien goats are already present here. These were chosen for characteristics such as high birth rates, good mothering abilities and meat production.

Two weeks ago the Ministry imported 23 pigs from Jamaica at a cost of EC$86,000 to be used in the improvement of the pig population. The pigs, which are located at the Rabacca Livestock Station, include breeds such as Large White, Land-race and Duroc breeds that are already present here, but continually require the injection of new material in the gene pool.

The sheep and goats are being kept at the Belmont agricultural station for stud processes and sale of pedigree offspring to farmers, while the pigs will be used to supply the material for the artificial insemination programme as well as sale of improved piglets.