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Principal gets tough at JP Eustace


It is often said that some situations demand drastic measures, and a secondary school principal decided to get a wee bit drastic with his students on Tuesday morning.

At around 8:45 a.m., over 50 students of the JP Eustace Memorial School (Emanuel High School) arrived at school, only to find that instructions had been given to the security personnel on duty to lock the gate until 9:15am, the end of the first period.{{more}}

The upset principal of the 700-student-school, Asfo Stephens told SEARCHLIGHT that he was fed up of the problem of tardiness, saying that Tuesday was a good day compared with other days.

He said that he decided to do something different that morning.

“Look at the amount of children late for school, and it is like that every day,” Stephens said.

But that’s not all. When the school gates were eventually opened at the sound of the bell, students tried to rush their way into class, only to realize that the security check was still in effect.

“Line up,” was the instruction by the female security officer, and along with Principal Stephens she searched the bags of each student entering the school compound.

When SEARCHLIGHT spoke to Stephens the following day, he said only a handful of students turned up late. (KJ)