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‘I don’t know why men chopped me!’

‘I don’t know why men chopped me!’


An 18-year-old youth says he is thankful he is alive, but is confused as to why he was chopped viciously several times, last weekend in Brighton.{{more}}

Alfonso David originally of Fairban, now residing at Long Wall, swears that he doesn’t know of any reason why four men attacked him last week Saturday (November 17th) at around 2 a.m. and dealt him several chops to his back, and both hands.

“I was waiting for a van or a ride to go home, when a blue van pull up, and the driver jumped out and asked me if I remembered him,” David said.

He told SEARCHLIGHT, when we visited him at his hospital bed on Wednesday, still very much in pain, that before he knew what was happening, his first attacker hit him on his head, and then pulled a cutlass.

“Three other men came out the van and they start chopping me, and one had a piece of pipe,” he said.

“I don’t know what they talking about, why they chop me up,” David said.

He had just had a good time at a nearby party, when horror struck.

David said that he didn’t have time to feel scared then, and was only trying to get away from his attackers.

He ran back into the Brighton main road, to the area of the party he had just come from, and was helped to the hospital.

“It could have been worse,” he said, in a tone that sounded a bit naïve, bearing in mind the certain death that he cheated.

Calliaqua police are continuing investigations into the matter, and at press time no arrest had been made. (KJ)