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SVGBS announces recall of Aqua Dots Toys

SVGBS announces recall of Aqua Dots Toys


The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Bureau of Standards (SVGBS) acting on recall advisory for the US Consumer Product Safety Commission is advising consumers to avoid purchasing and/or using Aqua Dots Toys labelled as made in China.{{more}}

The recalled toy is a craft kit which allows children to create various multidimensional designs using small coloured bead that fused together when moist with water. These toys have been recalled in the United States and Australia as well as by the toy’s distributor, Spin Master of Toronto, Canada after reported incidents of several children in both countries were children hospitalized with dizziness and vomiting after swallowing the beams.

According to information from authorities in both US and Australia, the coating on the beams of the toys contains chemicals that turn into a harmful chemical when swallowed/ingested. This chemical has similar properties to the “date rape” drug and if swallowed by children, can cause vomiting, drowsiness, unconsciousness, seizures, coma and death.

SVGBS is not aware of any reported cases of poisonings from these dangerous toys in SVG. However, the SVGBS remains very concerned of the potential health and safety risks to children that can be caused by these toys and is therefore, advising all trading outlets to voluntarily withdraw the aforementioned products from trade. Further, all consumers/parents who may have these toys in their homes are advised to discard/destroy these products.

The SVGBS also wishes to caution parents to be alert and responsible when purchasing toys for their children for the festive season. Additionally, the SVGBS further urges the general public not to buy any product or products that fit the above-mentioned characteristics and when in doubt about purchasing toys for your children, you may consult the SVGBS for guidance at 457-8092.