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Browne: No libel suits for talk show hosts

Browne: No libel suits for talk show hosts


Radio talk show hosts can breathe a sigh of relief since there may be no libel lawsuits being tossed their way for recent comments. At least not from Mike Browne, Minister of National Mobilization.{{more}}

Minister Browne, responding to a question during his ministry’s recent press conference last Thursday at Cabinet Room, said he had no intention of suing talk show hosts who claimed that he was in Cuba ‘close to dying’.

He called the allegations vicious lies, and indicated that he was a long way from his grave.

“I want to assure the nation that I am in good health, but it is becoming an irritant.”

“It” refers to the medical condition that has caused Browne to announce that he would not be contesting the 2010 General Elections.

Browne cited that decades of dedicated activism may have been the cause of his ailment which affects his throat.

A few years ago, the West St. George representative underwent surgery to remove a polyp from his vocal chords, and is now on constant medication.

He said that his condition does not deter him from continuing his duties in the Ministry or constituency.

In relation to his constituency, Browne believes that the area that he represented since 2001 is a Unity Labour Party (ULP) stronghold, and would remain that way regardless to who replaces him.

“A number of names have sprung up and I have called up quite a number of persons, and the search is still on… I have absolutely no doubt that the West St. George constituency will remain a Unity Labour Party fortress.”

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace said the West St. George constituency, which was contested by Kingsley Layne for the New Democratic Party in 2005, is a seat that can easily be won.

He expressed sorrow to hear of the Minister’s current health problems.