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SVGSC re-launches

SVGSC re-launches


By Shayne Alexander 09.NOV.07

After being dormant for some time, the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Sociology Club was officially launched last week Friday at the Division of Arts, Sciences and General Studies of the SVG Community College.{{more}}

Members and teachers have revived the club with the aim of forming long-lasting bonds among its members and the wider community, as well as to encourage a professional spirit through travel and exposure to thought-provoking activities.

The launching consisted of games, a dance by the Roses Dance group and remarks by past president Rechev Browne, as well as the newly-elected president, Jason Haynes. The day’s event was followed by a trip to Rawacou on Saturday, 3rd November, where students were given the opportunity to interact and establish relationships.

The club is supervised by Sociology Lecturers Shani Neverson and Roxanne McDowall, and goes under the motto “the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Freedom; these are the pillars of society.”